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 Chano Devi, Ghosts of Salhesh, 2005
The purpose of the Fundraiser is to enable the Mithila Art Institute to meet its mission, vision, and values. Proceeds will be used for scholarships, equipment, and the ongoing operating costs of the Institute. The new digital lab will enable second year students to develop new techniques and refine their paintings using the latest digital design and graphics tools.


Shanti Devi, Moti Ram with Tigers, 1983
Mithila art occupies a special place in the traditional arts of India. The artists, predominantly women, integrate traditional images of gods, goddesses, marriage, ritual activities, daily life, and flora and fauna with contemporary issues and observations on modern Indian and global society. The Mithila Art Institute seeks to collaborate with other institutions that are moving towards similar goals and to encourage the adaptation of the Mithila Art Institute model to other vulnerable Indian art forms beyond Mithila.


The Mithila Art Institute is unique in focusing on developing the highest skills among its students while encouraging them to synthesize the traditional forms with their uniquely individual "voices" as artists. While many graduates go on to successful artistic careers, the Institute encourages students not to engage in the mass production of paintings that only deminish the power, originality, and values of the painting tradition. The vision for the digital lab recognizes that the art form and its contemporary development, when combined with the power of the Internet and digital media, can create unprecedented opportunities and reach for the artists.

If you have ideas or suggestions for us, or can help identify potential donors, volunteers, or organizations that can help carry this work forward, please fill out the form below.